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Let’s get Rainfaded this weekend.

Tracie Newman

Tracie Newman

Rain fade (noun) refers primarily to the absorption of a microwave radio frequency (RF) signal by atmospheric rain, snow, or ice, and losses which are especially prevalent at frequencies above 11 GHz. It also refers to the degradation of a signal caused by the electromagnetic interference of the leading edge of a storm front.

Aloha, friends!

Follow along with my team as we run around our beloved island of O'ahu this spring in the Hoku Relay to raise money for several nonprofit organizations supporting opportunities for children in Hawai'i.

Malama Honua Charter School, Dreamhouse Ewa Beach, Searider Productions Foundation, Ma'o Organic Farms, Hawai'i Literacy, Ikaika Hawai'i, CASA, and Hoku Scholars are some of the nonprofit organizations that will benefit from your donation - more information is available at

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!



Only $40!! Thank you friends!!

I can't believe the race is already tmrw. Thank you so much for your donations!! I am oh so close, only $60 to make my goal!


raised of $250 goal

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Run, Tracie, Run!
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So awesome! Good Luck!
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Team Rainfaders