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Lachlan Green

Lachlan Green

Hey ya'll!

This February I'm running in a 134-mile relay around the island of Oahu, Hawaii to raise funds for Hoku Scholars, an org that provides scholarships to students in economic need in Hawaii.

I'm raising money as I train for the race and it'd mean a lot if you'd consider contributing to my campaign via this page:

More on Hoku Scholars here:



raised of $500 goal

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1. SrSandeep Rangi
2. TKTed Kornish
This brings everything to a good solid cumulative total. Good luck!
3. XDXiaonan Duan
This is awesome! Have fun!
4. JSJulie Scolnik
5. NGNathan Green
Good luck!
6. SMSally McNagny
Train hard, run fast, have fun!
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