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Meredith Dunning

Meredith Dunning

Hello and aloha to all!

Would you be interested in supporting an opportunity to send a message of encouragement or make a contribution to a worthy cause for local charities on the island of Oahu?

We are dedicating our time and energy into gathering a team of 12 individuals that are moved to run 134 miles of ALOHA in the Hoku Relay! Wow, yes, I said 134 miles of breathtaking (literally, while running) coastlines.

The run will be inspired by each of you that make a difference in our dedication to our community. We will share your words, thoughts, and actions. Hopefully, we can do a world of good by sharing a little in a goal to raise $15,000 dollars as a team!

We are the Kokua Team, and our vision is to extend aloha to help others - not for personal gain. The best mantra that we can vision while completing this epic run.

Also, feel FREE to join us in making a difference. Please reach out via social media if you need assistance!


raised of $500 goal

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Hope you reach your goal! Sending love your way from TN!

Team Kokua